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Nowadays the in-topics are:

– How to apply without agent’s help: step by step

– Opportunities and availability of double Diplomas

– Free studying

– The articles with unique content(proved with screenshots) are accepted till 01.01.2019
Demographic statistics show the increasing interest of young people, including foreigners, to choose a prestigious university.  Given this trend, our portal is working on a combination of university and graduate interests.

Our website has three informational pages:
www.kudapostupat.ua – aimed at the Ukrainian education market;
www.kudapostupat.com –  for  the CIS;
www.hindustaneducation.comwww.topuniversitiesworld.com – oriented for Asia countries (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, China).

Thus, by posting information about universities, their current proposals, contacts, we send information to three different regions.
Today, we have net traffic for entering the portal from 120 countries.  The head office of our organization is located in Poland.

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