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Ladies and Gentlemen!

Using the opportunity, the administration of the international educational portal KudaPostupat expresses its respect for you.

We have thoroughly studied the possibilities of your university, statistical data and the desire to study Ukrainian students there.  We are pleased by the fact that you also have a lot of students from other countries.  We can be useful for you in the process of engaging foreign students by posting information about your institution on our site.  Thanks to quality advertising, your school will receive more interested entrants and future students with high potential.

Briefly about our portal.

Our portal is usually placed in the top five of Google’s search engines for such requests:

Where to study (KudaPostupat), studying in Poland, studying in Germany, studying in Austria, studying abroad, studying in Bulgaria, studying in France, studying in Portugal, studying in Spain, studying in Italy, studying in Romania, studying in Latvia, studying in the Netherlands, studying in the Czech Republic, studying in Belgium, studying in Hungary, studying in Croatia, studying in Sweden, studying in Lithuania, studying in Greece, studying in Bulgaria.

Demographic statistics show the increasing interest of young people, including foreigners, to choose a prestigious university.  Given this trend, our portal is working on a combination of university and graduate interests.

Our website has three informational pages:

www.kudapostupat.ua  – aimed at the Ukrainian education market;

www.kudapostupat.com  –  for  the CIS;

www.hindustaneducation.com  – oriented for Asia countries (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, China).

Thus, by posting information about universities, their current proposals, contacts, we send information to three different regions.

Today, we have net traffic for entering the portal from 120 countries.  The head office of our organization is located in Poland.

Representative office in Ukraine is also active.

At present, the catalog of the portal has about 5700 universities from 36 different countries around the world, making it a unique source of information about your university.

We hope that our portal KudaPostupat will be useful for your institution, and we will help attract a lot of new prospective students.

We will be glad to meet with representatives of your institution at the exhibition.  Please let us know your decision at the email address below.

Information is accepted until

Title, Country, Who can apply, Type of funding, Description, Website

Forms for filling grants:
Ukrainian – https://goo.gl/forms/7StQZPFgLmw10NEl2
Russian – https://goo.gl/forms/8104SVP6lBsGZbr62
English – https://goo.gl/forms/FvEeclbPP79ZggrU2

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